remote maintenance

remote maintenance

Do you need to support a rapidly growing number of demanding operators of highly complex, critical systems ?

Do you need to access heterogeneous components in heterogeneous networks ?

Do you have to guarantee maximum availability and furthermore offer a service that satisfies your customers?


Then you have come to the right place !


Your advantages from the remote maintenance portal ade24

  •     No intervention in the customer's networks necessary
  •     No installation of additional software necessary
  •     Security through central VPN firewall with virus scanner
  •     Access control with automatic reporting
  •     Flexible network design, e.g. when integrating old systems
  •     Transparent network access to machines or systems
  •     Resolution of IP conflicts
  •     Setup by certified network specialists
  •     Minimal coordination with IT departments
  •     Calculation security through fixed price for setup and operation


All this gives us a high level of acceptance among IT managers.

We have solutions for every one of your requirements - off-the-shelf or made-to-measure.

Our standard offering - can be flexibly expanded to meet your needs at any time



The special feature of the ade24 remote maintenance portal

Service technicians access the central development platform remotely.

At the same time, license costs for service tools such as "Step 7" etc. are saved.

The central firewall at ade24 provides additional security through

a) access control on application level

b) virus scanner in the data stream

Reporting of technician access to operator systems provides legally usable

material due to ade24's independence.

In the centrally operated data center, UPS, emergency diesel, overvoltage devices,

isolated lightning protection system (class I) and fully automatic backups of the cloud resources

provide additional security.

Technician access via SSL VPN as a firewall-friendly access method enables an

easy integration of suppliers and service partners.

Authentication with one-time password tokens keeps you on the cutting edge.