Product no.: PA-450

Palo Alto PA-450 Firewall System with lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), yet best-in-class cyber security.


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Product no.: PA-450-BAS

Base Support for Palo Alto PA-450, 1 year running time

Base support is essential to operate the PA 450.


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Product no.: PA-450-TP

Palo Alto Threat Prevention Subscription for PA-450, 1 year term

strongly recommended due to the increased threat scenarios

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Product no.: PA-450-ADVURL
Palo Alto Advanced URL Filtering Subscribtion for PA-450, 1 year term
can only be used in conjunction with Base Support
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Product no.: PA-450-BND-ENT

Professional Subscription Bundle für PA 450

Threat Prevention Advanced URL Filtering Wildfire DNS Security SD-WAN IoT Security SaaS Security


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Product no.: PA-450-BND-PRO

Professional Subscription Bundle für PA 450 with following Subscribtions:

Threat Prevention, Advanced URL Filtering, Wildfire, DNS Security  


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