mGuard RS VPN Industrial

Product no.: mGuard-Industrial-RS-VPN

End-of-Life notice: all variants of this product will be discontinued. Recommended replacement products: mGuard rs4000-VPN Industrie-Firewall-Router or mGuard rs2000-VPN Industrie-Router depending on type of application.

Possible delivery method: Standard delivery

Compact industrial firewall
with VPN functionality

End-of-Life notice: all variants of this product will be discontinued. Recommended replacement products: mGuard rs4000-VPN Industrie-Firewall-Router or mGuard rs2000-VPN Industrie-Router depending on type of application.

The remote service appliance mGuard industrial rs has been specially designed for safeguarding industrial networks and for secure remote maintenance via the Internet. As an industrial appliance with a redundant power supply, it features a compact casing as well as a standard Ethernet interface, and it can be mounted on DIN rails.

The mGuard industrial rs is particularly suitable for secure remote services (remote diagnosis, remote maintenance). With an integrated modem (either analogue or ISDN), it can also be used universally. This option enables an easy migration for machines and plants from a traditional modem-based system to modern remote maintenance via the Internet.

What's more, along with VPN support, the mGuard industrial rs also offers seasoned mGuard firewall technology, ensuring controlled access. Like all mGuard appliances, it can be centrally managed using the mGuard device manager (mdm).

Features at a glance:

  • Industrial firewall appliance suitable for mounting on DIN rails
  • Supports remote maintenance applications
  • VPN tunnel can be initiated from the machine (via software or hardware switch)
  • Optional integrated analogue or ISDN modem for fall-back applications
  • Modem interface supports transition scenarios (migration concept)
  • High data throughput rates through hardware-based encryption
  • Redundant power supply (9-36 VDC)

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