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Product no.: mGuard rs4000-4G-VPN Industrie-Firewall-Router
  • Industrial Security 4G wireless router (LTE) with 3G (UMTS / HSPA) 2G (GPRS / EDGE) -Fallback,
  • integrated firewall, VPN, alarms & outputs
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Product no.: mGuard rs2000-4G-VPN Industrie-Firewall-Router[1]
  • Industrial 4G wireless router (LTE) 
  • Router with simplified 2-click Firewall, VPN for 2 tunnels (fix)
  • Slot for any SD memory card
1,295.00 *

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  • UMTS/HSDPA tri-band industrial router
  • max. download 3,6 Mbit/s, max. upload 384 kbit/s
  • External GSM magnetic foot antenna included
  • Power supply: 10-30 V/DC
  • Mounting: DIN rail 35 mm


475.00 *

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Product no.: mGuard rs4000-3G-VPN Industrie-Firewall-Router[1]
  • Industrial Security 3G wireless router 
  • integrated firewall, VPN, alarms & outputs
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